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I’ve been single for quite a while now – almost two years – with no real sign of anything changing. I’m always so much happier when I’m single and getting my own shit done and feeling like a boss. I keep picking all the same men even when they seem very different. So, I dated someone recently for about three months. Lo and behold, he disregarded everything I thought we shared and ran away. I know that everyone says that love is worth the pain, but to be quite truthful, I don’t feel that way.

I was having a great run there, staying busy and motivated and productive, until I decided that I was ready to give dating another try. I’d been out of the game for a long time and I was starting to feel asexual, invisible, and undesirable. I remember now that I only go back to dating when it’s been long enough for me to forget how awful it is. Then I forget that, start yearning for love, and go ruin everything for myself. I have to go on awful date after awful date to finally get to a decent one, and I’m not willing to do that. I’d rather take a bath and hang out on the couch eating popcorn with my cat. We had a great connection – something I haven’t felt with anyone in a long time. I got a little attached, even though I tried to take it slow. I guess he didn’t have the emotional maturity I thought he did. The good in it never, ever feels equal to the hurt after it’s gone.

Not just in dance class, but where are all the men from all the various social activities? The reason is the expected rate of return of your precious, finite, and perpetually dwindling time.

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I get excited about someone for the first time in a very long time. Once I get excited, it’s all over, because it seems like no matter what it never ends up working out. I don’t think that’s a flaw, but it certainly doesn’t seem to do me any favors in romance.At first I loved his dominant personality and how he took charge.He knew a few trades, had a degree and a few certifications under his belt so I felt like we were equally yoked.Many millennials turn to dating apps for “situation-ships” but since the Plenty of Fish (POF) app was advertised to be for more than a hook-up, I looked forward to what was coming my way.But after three go-rounds on POF and a stint or two on Tinder and Soul Swipe, I’m back at square one."I did the things I loved, like bowling—and that's where I met my husband." She was 43, and they married eleven months later.