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Imran Khan is emotionally invested in the idea of working under his grandfather’s banner and even though he finds it to be a unnerving challenge to live up to his grandfather’s name and reputation, he wants to do it.Imran Khan also has plans to restore all of his grandfather’s films digitally.He died on 2 February in the year 2010 following a massive heart attack. He longed to live with Aamir’s mother and his sons just before his death and therefore he moved to Bella Vista, Aamir’s second flat in Bandra West.Just before he passed away, it was one happy family reunion for the Khan family! Hussain,who divorced his first wife, directed the movie Tum Mere Ho starring son, Aamir Khan and beauty Juhi Chawla. Troubles crept in between Aamir Khan and his dad regarding Aamir’s brother Faisal’s protective custody who went missing for around two days. Aamir said that his brother (Faisal) was suffering from schizophrenia whereas his dad claimed that Faisal was suffering from a mild depression.Imran Khan’s mother, Nuzhat Khan is Nasir Hussain’s daughter and younger child.Imran Khan has acknowledged his mother’s contribution in single-handedly raising him after her divorce from his father, by taking on her surname of ‘Khan’ instead of his father’s surname of ‘Pal’.She was also seen in Telugu films like Mem vayasuku vacham and Pelli Pustakam. She is a huge fan of the show and follows it religiously. In Ghulaam Niti Taylor has played the female lead in Life Ok's show 'Ghulam'.The series is produced by Saurabh Tewari's Parin Multimedia and Rajesh Chadha's IMRC Entertainment.

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But his dad wanted to keep Faisal with him and Faisal too wanted to stay with his father. Facebook does not have Delhi Public School Ranchi in its suggestive search. If possible look into the issue any one dps pass out or appearing and want to admission in private medical college/engineering college/management institute on management quota pls mail to me for any free querry @:[email protected] BATCH OF STUDENT TO PASS FROM NABARUN POINT; FARAKKA;(ISSUED CERTIFICATE BY DPS FARAKKA), PREVIOUSLY USED TO STAY AT DHULIYAN NEAR FARAKKA ; LATER MIGRATED TO AHMEDABAD; PRESENTLY MY SON STUDY AT DPS AHMEDABAD Reminiscence of School Days feels Awesome! I am searching the whereabouts of Mridula Dixet(1992), Vedant, Modud from BD, Vikas, Poonam Nagia, Leena (1988. I mean apart from member information , nothing else works. The website enforces the feeling that of being a proud dipsite in me! this is an alumini site not ....that into consideration It's most wonderful to be among dipsites for however much you may travel in life and wherever you may be, one's childhoold and childhood days remembers always engraved in ones mind. Could also have links, photographs and more info about each of the DPSs, and serve as a link on resumes and home pages for all DPSs. and its should be a case tell onei.e = sice only 4-5000 visits since the sites birth more people need to know about the site.they can come here that si why everyone who comes here must and must tell one I luv you DPS and its great to see you on You have nurtured me for 13 most precious years of my life..! This site can be improved though, Hey DPS let me know if I can be of any help to you..! THis is a brilliant idea and i really appreciate the efforst of Abhishek Rajan for taking up the task of reunion of all the dipsites around the world. if possible tell me when ever it is organised This is a cool site but I feel you guys are not working that hard. hope with this site i am back with my friends and enjoy our school days This is a great way to keep in touch with friends and revive old memories of school days!! well finally u guys are doing something better...please whats with the corny midi files that are playing in the bckgnd. Never realised how much I missed it till this mail came and the floodgates just opened up. it's good way to make a person refresh all those relaxed days, happy moments, smiles, small fights, moving in a queue, those assemblies, those good old classes, the sports periods and those punishments ofcourse Would be a really nice site if all of us could upload group photographs.It also features Vikkas Manaktala and Param Singh in the lead roles. Though Niti fitted the character initially, and played her part well but it was necessary to replace her because of show's changed tracks.Boyfriend/Dating As per the latest reports, Niti Taylor is dating Anubhav Bansal, who is a photographer and cinematographer.Imran Khan’s father is a Bengali software engineer, Anil Pal who is based in the US.