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"For me, there is no feeling of admiration or no excitement whatsoever," Miyazaki said about the i Pad. On trains, the number of those people doing that strange masturbation-like gesture is multiplying." As Gizmodo points out, this isn't really very surprising to hear from Miyazaki, who doesn't own a computer or DVD player and got "fed up" when people began using their downtime on the train to send text messages (fuck text messages) and read manga (fuck reading).

The real story here is: is Miyazaki masturbating wrong or am I?

Often they continue to masturbate simply because it feels good.

It doesn't necessarily mean that your toddler has been abused in any way. My 3-year-old girl just discovered masturbation and she plays with herself all the time! I am so concerned about the responses this question is getting.

In response to the most recent post: masturbation IS normal and children get the "idea" to masturbate from their own bodies..feels good!

In fact, a lot of people do it, and enjoying it doesn't make you weird. On the flip side, if you masturbate, that doesn't mean you're a prude or there's anything wrong with you.

In case your sex ed class skipped a lesson on masturbation, we got you covered. It's a totally normal thing that can help you explore your body and get more in tune with it.6. No two bodies are the same, so no two people like the exact same rhythms or movements. An orgasm is the release of all that tension, plus a rush of an endorphin called serotonin that spills into your blood stream.