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Das Wichtigste zuerst: Rockbox ersetzt nicht das orginale "Betriebssystem" des Sansa, sondern wird parallel installiert.

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t=1322 Ahja, absolut alles auf eigenes Risiko, ich bernehme keinerlei Verantwortung fr jegliche Schden am Player. But there should be no damage to the Sansa – I’m only reading in the Database und the Playlist-Creation should be safe too. I haven’t testet it with Songs on the Micro SD since I don’t have one. When I go under Sync options for my Sansa e280R, I cannot select the "Sync from device back to PC" option... It's not available in either Rhaposdy or Plays for Sure mode (MSC/MTP respectively). The Drive should be selected automatically (if the Drive Label is “Sansa e*”). Don’t forget: I have my e280 since last Friday so there might be some bugs. Expecting Feedback Enrico[07-05-09] Bugfix: Strings with leading or trailing Spaces weren't read correctly[07-05-16] added some features[07-06-12] added support for Rhapsody (thanks a lot to Giuseppe Saracino and Bryan Kitts)[07-06-15] added some Playlist features[07-06-18] Support for Rockbox-Firmware (should work on other devices too)[07-07-20] Fixed some Errors in Rockbox-Part[07-07-20] Added Converting of Album Arts (jpg) to bmp (for Rockbox)[07-07-28] Added Audioscrobbler-Support and Playcouter[07-07-29] Added half-Star-Rating for Rockbox[07-09-08] Support for latest Rockbox Tagcache (0x5443480b)[07-09-09] Added Play Counter as Column (for Rockbox)[07-09-09] Import Play Counter without Ratings possible[07-09-10] better (i Sproggler Simulation)[07-09-11] Support for moved database files (FS#7539)[07-10-11] Added Option to Translate Rockbox[07-10-12] fixed Bug in Creating Playlist for each Star[07-10-18] fixed Album Art Resize bug[07-10-19] added custom Album Art Resolution[07-12-17] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480c)[07-12-27] Some small fixes[09-03-10] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480d)[09-10-01] fix Problem with Out-of-Memory-Error (changed behavior of deleted Files)[09-12-14] Added Playcounter Export from MM to Rockbox[11-01-07] Support for latest Rockbox tagcache (0x5443480e)[11-03-08] Support for Media Monkey 4[11-03-10] added Progress Bar when reading device database------Posted by Strych9 on Tue Apr 03, 2007 am Can you sync back from the e200 series Sansas back to the PC?An Untersttzung fr die version 2 wird gearbeitet, aber in nchster Zeit ist (m.M) mit wenig Fortschritt zu rechnen, da noch an einem funktionierenden Bootloader gestrickt wird.This article shows how to use a Sandisk MP3 player (Sansa E250) on a Linux desktop.