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Roman dating walkthrough

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Although this article may be a little long, I feel it is important to not only identify some the main sites but explain their significance in history.Now we embark on our journey—back 2,000 years on your guided tour through the Roman Forum. Go upstairs - in this room you can save your game, change clothes or just watch the TV. When you're done parking your car (1) Roman will ask you for a favor. Loan sharks want their money back so Roman isn't too keen on meeting them. When you see two guys walking into the shop, call Roman immediately.

If the drive home is successful, Michelle says she had a great time and is interested in more dates with Niko. Wait till he comes out and go back to Roman's working place. You should receive a message, read it and go back to Roman again. Park on the yellow spot and honk (push left analogue stick). Drive her to her house and answer the call from Roman. Go to the Russian shop and buy something more civilized. Note that this mission will immediately start after the phonecall from Roman, if the mission First Date was completed. As the player nears Michelle's place for his first date, Niko's cousin calls to ask him for help; the Albanian Mafia loan sharks have him trapped on the basketball courts in the Firefly Projects. Across the square from the Colosseum are the gates leading into the Roman Forum but before you enter, make sure you stop to admire the 1,700-year-old Arch of Constantine with incredibly detailed reliefs depicting the scenes from the famous battle between Constantine and Maxentius. 313, commemorates his victory and marks the first of three that we’ll encounter on this tour. Sadly, 50,000 Jewish slaves who were captured in that battle were forced to build the arch.