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Red flags dating abusive men

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"When a woman's assailant is an intimate partner or ex-partner, the injury rate is around 52 percent; and when the assailant is a stranger, the rate is about 20 percent, according to our research," says Ron Acierno, Ph D, a clinical psychologist at the National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center at the Medical University of South Carolina.

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The trouble is, however, that the extent of the abuse can be hard to see for those suffering in the relationships.There are some red flags which indicate signs of an abuser that you should be aware of in any relationship.Below are some behaviors commonly found in people with abusive personalities, and they apply to both genders. It's just not as recognized because men rarely report the abuse.The following article points out some of the characteristics of a potentially abusive man, and why you shouldn't lightly dismiss the signs. After all, they aren't some three-headed monster that people run screaming from on the street.And they don't come with warning labels so you'll know to avoid them.It includes the use of physical and sexual violence, threats and intimidation, emotional abuse and economic deprivation.