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Halloween dating ideas

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Whoever said that the Brits don’t really celebrate Halloween was very much mistaken.London has positively embraced the annual spooky-fest, and there’s a huge range of events from all-out dressing up parties to horror film showings and supernatural themed dinners.Here’s a playlist of Halloween cartoons on Youtube. We “toured” virtual haunted houses online together! Here’s an online game that is well suited for Halloween and is based on the Salem witch trials. She says, “An online game my boyfriend and I play together all the time is Town of Salem. Here are 3 great ones: Interactive Virtual Haunted House – Make sure you click this link at the same time because it will start immediately. There is a learning curve to it and you play with the public so that’s something to consider. Just make sure you know their username and add them as a friend then create a party and invite them and you’ll enter a round together.” 6. Use a screen-sharing app like Screen Leap and use an online Ouija Board to conjure spirits (well, not really… Try to decipher the phone calls and messages as you learn about code breakers, law enforcers and religious extremists from modern times to the Elizabethan secret service.Part digital theatre, part history tour, this is one heck of a spooky time to be walking round the courtyards and corridors of London’s most notorious prison.and zipping around the bay in a mini speed boat is definitely a good time.

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Depending on the outcome, you can either celebrate your victory or soothe your shattered ego with biscuits & gravy at Tobey’s 19th Hole Cafe, nearby at the "real" golf course in Balboa Park. ), to the unmistakable (and wholly unique) aroma that permeates every square inch of Skateworld's magical arena, skating here is like traveling back in time to your 12th birthday party, minus the bowl cut and corduroy pants (hopefully).

Doing this as a couple is a lot fun, as you get to do something nice for others while enjoying one another’s company.

Simply fill treat bags with candy and carefully sneak each of these to the front door of the intended recipient without getting caught.

It doesn’t have to be Halloween to have a Halloween-themed date night – most of these ideas are fun any time of the year! It doesn’t necessarily have to be a meal – you could make candy apples or orange-dyed Rice Krispie treats!

For a beverage have apple cider (or hard apple cider! A whole Skype date night can be made out of carving pumpkins together!