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Have you ever wanted to cuddle with a man after sex and been denied? ” After such an intimate, heart- and soul-opening experience, why is it your man can just get up, get dressed and get the hell out so damn quickly?Your man simply doesn’t give you the kind of intimate affection after sex that you would like, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s you. There’s no denying you crave intimacy after sex (especially if you’re in love with him.) There’s also no denying what you want after sex is for your man to hold you, caress you and tell you how much you mean to him.This is a beautiful, natural bonding process women undergo after sex.Men don’t experience this release of oxytocin in the brain during sex like women do.So, ladies, your man just simply does not have the same physiological reaction to sex. He doesn’t feel empathy to hold you in his arms and listen to your innermost thoughts, and he most certainly doesn’t want to share his.

Tellingly, the topic of marital sex — or more accurately, the lack of it — was a big issue among this group of fortysomething women, many of whom have either young children, husbands with demanding jobs or high levels of financial stress.Rumours that Drake, 30, and Lopez, 47, are an item have circulated since the One Dance rapper was seen attending one of the singer's Las Vegas residency shows earlier in December.Now, the musicians appear to have made quite the statement with a photo, posted on both of their Instagram accounts, showing Drake with his arms wrapped around the former American Idol judge.It helps to facilitate birth and plays a very large role in the maternal bonding between mother and child.Oxytocin is also released in large doses in a woman’s brain during intercourse, resulting in a level of bonding with her partner and feelings of trust and empathy.After having sex, wouldn’t it be nice if your man opened his arms and his heart, allowing you to sink into them both? You may or may not have heard about a very powerful (and often potent) hormone called oxytocin.