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When daylight casts harsh reality on the extra body in my bed, I am oh-so-ready to be alone againback to my space, my work, my self.

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From next Monday (October 12), millions of pensioners and those approaching retirement will be able to top up their state pension through a unique, one-off system aking to “buying an annuity” from the Government.But experts are warning that hundreds of thousands are already making voluntary pension contributions pointlessly, via the existing top-up arrangements.Typically, they panic and start making voluntary contributions in the erroneous belief it will boost their pension – when it will not.The system of voluntary National Insurance Contributions (Nics) is fiendishly complex, with Class 2, Class 3 and Class 3A.Cost of house is affected essentially by the distance to the airports and big “centres of civilization”, as well as by the distance to the ocean coast (the closer a house is to the ocean, the more expensive it is).Renting a house in Sri-Lanka is not a problem – everything happens practically “from hand to hand”.

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Pensioners will, from next year, be able to “buy” up to £25 a week extra state pension.

It seems you are the scapegoat in your family - the one made guilty for their sins so they can go on with their lives while you are discarded as the problem. Despite the painful news, you now know why your parents and family have been cruel and those reasons are nothing to do with you, rather it is a reflection on them and their ****. You still have the skill set and there are employers who will have an open mind and overlook the actions of the fat Asian guy you hate and see that you worked hard for your degree. Broken, most of what your counselor told you is the exact same stuff we were able to tell just by listening to you. The problem is that you didn't ALSO have the healthy loving parents who could show you how to correctly channel that angst into productive choices. This would be when your best buddy accidentally gives you a black eye when you're goofing off. It took me a long time to understand it is something totally different than the first kind. Because you said your mum is barely talking tonyiu and your dad is kind of cold...

You are an intelligent and worthwhile human being, you don't lose your value just because the family you knew as your family have treated you worthlessly. You may have to take a lower rank job, eg a book keeper, to prove your skill set before launching into where you'd like to be. This is not "we're still friends" or "it was a meaningless accident". Is any part of the conflict because of your drinking?

As a rule all houses on sale have electricity and water supply systems.

Optionally a house on sale may be equipped with conditioners and internet access systems.